Smart City expert

Bob Bennett

Chief Innovation Officer
City of Kansas City, Missouri

Bob Bennett became the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, in January 2016. His focus is on forging relationships among the city government, community, business, academic and technology stakeholders to integrate evolving technologies and improve citizen services. Bob is implementing and refining KCMO's first digital roadmap to guide the organization towards a more strategic approach to digital inclusion, engagement and open government. He is continuing the most comprehensive North American Smart + Connected Community initiative and serving as a thought leader in the S+CC community of practice.

Bob is a 24-year veteran who successfully led US military operations in Southwest Asia, Africa and throughout the Pacific Ocean region. He is an innovative leader with experience in solving "wicked problems" including synchronization of over 500 concurrent operations in Africa and development / implementation of an integrated whole-of-government strategy in Iraq.